Hybrid SUV's and hybrid cars offer better fuel economy and better performance too!

A hybrid SUV or a hybrid car is not just about fuel efficiency.

In many cases they are also faster, offering levels of performance exceeding that of the gasoline engines offered in the same vehicle.
Hybrids are becoming more common. Over the next few years, every automotivemanufacturer will need to have at least one hybrid offering to remain competitive. What exactly is a hybrid vehicle? How does it work? For the answers to these questions and a lot more check out the pages below.

What is a hybrid vehicle?
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6 Myths About Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrids are clearly the way of the future. They offer the least compromises of any "clean energy" driving solution. Over the next few years as more hybrids are introduced, the price of hybrid technology will be significantly reduced, furthering the popularity of such vehicles.