Information to help you research anything from a new hybrid SUV to a classic car for sale.

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Hybrid SUV's and Hybrid Cars

Whether you're looking for a hybrid SUV or a hybrid car, our hybrid vehicle section has it all. Compare hybrids to non-hybrid models and see if they make sense for you. Read the specifications on every hybrid model available. To learn more click here.

New Car Buyers Guide


We've got proven insider tips that'll save you time and money. Learn how to select the right car for you. When it comes time to buying the new car of your dreams take a peek at our negotiating tips and discover how you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a new car.

Used Car Buyers Guide


Whether you're looking for your first car or you're an experienced car buyer, you'll appreciate our used car buyers guide. Learn the basic steps to buying a used car and protect yourself from getting ripped off. Read our tips on how to inspect a used car for sale.

CTSLeasing Guide

Our leasing guide will show you the pro's and con's to leasing a vehicle and help you to determine if a car lease is right for you. Also learn about the difference between leasing and financing a vehicle.

Car Care


Maintain the vehicle you already own and take a look at our car care section. Print off our car care schedule and save money by avoiding costly repairs. We'll help you do the basics from changing your oil to keeping your vehicles paint looking like new.

Classic Car Guide


If you're looking to buy a classic car for sale take a look at our classic car buyers guide. Read the questions you should ask before buying a classic car for sale and find out how to get the most car for the money.

Car Safety

Learn about modern active safety systems such as ABS, traction control, and stability management systems. Or discover how passive safety systems such as airbags and high strengh steel work together to save lives. It's all available in our car safety section.

Automotive News

Looking for up to the minute automotive news? Our partner site Auto North has everything you're looking for. From spy shots to late breaking industry news, Auto North brings you the news as it happens. Here are just some of the latest headlines.

There's so much more

But we don't stop there. Perhaps you're looking to import a car. We've got information to help you understand the process.

What better way to find out what people are saying about a vehicle than to read their opinion about it. Our car review page is open to anyone who would like to share their opinion with us. If you have a used car in mind, take a look at this section to see if someone has posted a review. Of course you can also submit a review of a vehicle that you have driven, whether it's the latest hybrid SUV or a used car you owned 10 years ago. We post every review we get.

As the automotive industry continues to change, we stay on top of it in our automotive articles of interest section. If there is something on your mind you can submit an article here and we'll post it. From how to increase your cars fuel economy to reviews of new products, you'll find it here.

Check out our selection of car books and DVDs. They make the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.


Whether you're looking for a hybrid SUV or information on a cheap first car , has information you can use.

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Hybrid SUV's and Hybrid Cars offer better fuel economy and better performance.
This page outlines the advantages of owning a hybrid SUV and hybrid Car.
Take the stress out of buying new cars. Do your homework first!
This page is contains tips and advice for buying new cars.
Buying a used car for sale is no longer the gamble it use to be
This page outlines the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car for sale.
Tips and advice for buying a classic car for sale.
Tips and advice for buying a classic car for sale.
All about selecting good, cheap cars for students
Provides information on buying good cheap cars for students as well as tips for how to get the best new car for the money
Submit your very own car reviews
Read car reviews from people around the world.
There is a lot to know before buying an extended car warranty.
This page outlines the pros and cons of buying an extended car warranty.
To sign a car lease can be an affordable way to get into a new car.
Car buying tips for those interested in a car lease.
Get proven car insurance tips right here.
Reduce premiums with our car insurance tips.
What you need to know about car safety.
This page looks at the technologies which help improve car safety
When you have a used car for sale, put yourself in the position of the buyer.
You need to read this page if you have a used car for sale.
Car modifications can enhance the look and power of any vehicle on the road.
This page outlines the do's and do not's of car modifications.
Today there are more variations of car races then ever before!!
This page outlines the different types of car races such as Nascar, Indy, Drag, Drift, Sprint and Rally and Formula 1.
What you need to know before you import a car
This page provides tips and advice on how to import a car
Automotive articles of Interest
This page provides articles of interest relating to the automotive industry
Car Care Made Simple
Simple and easy to follow car care tips
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Help us become the best independent car buyers guide on the net and join the challenge.
Some of the best car books and DVDs available
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Test your knowledge with our auto trivia
Test your knowledge with our auto trivia
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